Friday, September 1, 2023

Finally Friday - Happy Anniversary

Here we are on the beach in Pensacola FL.   Wedding  vows were said by  Chris and  Krystal on 7/31/2023.    

Thirty Four (!) years ago, Ray and  I both said "I Do" in front of a Justice of the Peace in Arlington. 

We've had a lot of adventures since then, and have had a lot of just drudgery days too.  That's marriage.  Good/ bad, better/  worse, Fun/ sad - the full gamut of emotions.  

When you look at the history backdrop of 34 years -  9/11, Covid, and more - it's  all a bit daunting. 

But, somehow we've always found beach time,  pool time, or just  plain old hang out time. 

On paper,  we are an  odd couple.  In real life - we do have fun.  He  laughs at the crap that comes out of my mouth.  He's a keeper!

Love ya Ray


  1. Hi Joanne - so pleased for you both - excellent to have found 'the keeper' - congratulations and here's to many more ... a hug or two and some cheers - Hilary

    1. We laugh a lot. I think that’s the trick. Thanks much!!

  2. Being together after even ten years seems like an accomplishment these days! We’ll done!

    1. Thanks. We make it work. We do stuff separately and together. Variety adds to the conversation. So far so good