Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Wednesday Whatever

 'Nuff said.  I am so disgusted with Texas schools. 


My mother  knew what I was reading.  That's up to families.  Don't keep the general public, kids, etc, from reading what  they want.  Was I ahead of my age?  Yes?  Did I totally get The Thorn Birds, for example?  Probably not.  But my mother (extremely modest) allowed it and I thank her. 

Allow kids, people to READ!!!!!!

I am going to say it - Jesus Christ.  What is wrong with people today?  

All this crap about "woke" or whatever.  Stop.  Just stop. 

And more power and respect to all teachers.   They are working so hard and being thwarted in so many directions.  I can understand why so many are bailing just when they are needed the most. 

All of the above is strictly my opinion.   


  1. Yep. Teachers are being thwarted every which way. Sad state of affairs with school systems.

    1. Hey. Good to hear from you. It’s just bad. And somehow the folks getting elected to school boards subscribe to the Dark Ages. Sigh.

  2. Hi Joanne - yes ... we should all be able to make up our own minds ... your mother sounds wise - we learn as we grow. We need to encourage everyone to open their eyes and appreciate all sides of the arguments ... ever hopeful! Cheers Hilary

    1. I try to be hopeful but this state of TX has no sense sometimes.