Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Digest Distress

These pictures have no real bearing on this story. I decided to browse and pluck two from a past trip (Australia) and let the reader enjoy. Then again, that's the glory of Reader's Digest, the publication that claims the largest paid circulation in the United States according to the Dallas Morning News this morning. I'll take the plunge and say that you can pick up Reader's Digest in a doctor's office or at your grandmother's house, open it to any page, and pluck a quip or joke or story that's an eyecatching decent read.

Reader's Digest filed Chapter 11 thanks to decreased consumer and advertiser spending and a highly leveraged debt structure. They probably need to saw off a few branches of loser publications, chop out some editor jobs, reduce payments to contributors (gasp), and change their font. (I always kinda liked the big print)
The Digest is an institution and it's rather sad to know that it is a victim of the economy and probably readership in this instant communication world. Hopefully the company can get its act together, dig out of debt, and certainly maintain publication. I have not submitted to Reader's Digest, yet it's nice to know it's there with the corny true life tales and "laughter is the best medicine" yarns. What other magazine stands the test of time in a doctor's office?
Stimulus...cash for clunkers...dollars for digest........

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