Sunday, August 9, 2009

On the Road: Road to Rumination

Final post on the road trip. Actually this bridge trestle was viewed during our Mississippi riverboat cruise. Looked up. Thought it was a cool shot.

So, I'm envious of folks that can read in the car. 1437 miles this trip- that could cover a lot of books or magazines. But I get carsick. Did as a kid. Do now. I can handle a map, but even that gets a bit tenuous. Tried to write in my journal - nope, not on the bumpiest roads ever thanks to stimulus money road construction - everywhere. I mean, everywhere. I'd jot brief notes, but absolutely brilliant bon mots sailed out of my brain along with the miles of roadside scenery.

Talk and look out the window. Marvel at the vastness of America. Roiling storm clouds. Magnificence of nature.

Ray took this one out the driver side. Pretty cool. We were indeed headed towards blue sky. Ruminate and contemplate. People's lives - homes built on the highway - we added to the hum of their background life noise.
Billboards. Hate to say it, but Steak 'N Shake has a bigger advertising budget than Jesus in Missouri. Their billboards were twice the size.
What can I say? Maybe it was best that I didn't write down everything........Ray is always afraid we'll be struck by lightning.
Happy trails. Can't wait until next summer.

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  1. If you can't write while riding you should carry a littel digital voice recorder and write later. I have done that for years!!!

    Great photos!!!. . . enjoyed you sharing you guys trip!