Sunday, August 16, 2009

summer slacker

I've been working on a chick-flick novel and haven't written a grand finale. Like the crape myrtle arbor tangle at the Dallas arboretum I have lots of twists and turns, just no defined ending.
I need that one surprise. That one gem that makes readers go "wow".

I'm treading water here, pondering death or life for one key character.

Then again, I've been such a summer slacker. Putzing about on yard work or floating in the pool. Anything to avoid a crucial life or death decision.

Yep, life is messy. I need to plunge in, make decisions, and just write the darn conclusion. I can always clean up my mess during re-writes. I can edit the crap out of it. BUT, if I don't write something.......then I have nothing but cake icing on my face. (thanks to Makyla's first birthday and the Dallas arboretum for inspiration).
that and the duckie thermometer that records the crazy pool temps of Texas.


  1. How about a flying saucer abduction????

  2. It will come, just keep writing. You're getting there. I love the duck.