Monday, August 3, 2009

On The Road - Busch Stadium -Bud/Baseball

Baseball - another stadium checked off the list. Busch stadium in St.Louis hosts the Cardinals - lovely facility, nice tour, tons of history, and gasp - cool breezes at game time.

Nifty statues out front lend atmosphere. The stadium is very inviting and it was fun to watch the sea of red shirts stream into it at night.

The fans were polite, knowledgeable, and hugely supportive of their Cardinals. Well, they did boo Manny Ramirez of the Dodgers every time he was at the plate, but that's to be expected. The game zipped along great. Two hours in, 9th inning, Dodgers ahead 1-0, when oh no....the Cardinals scored. So, 1-1 we go to the 10th - as Ray says, "Free baseball.". Then 11th, then 12th and frankly it was like a book I can put down and walk away from - I was done. Please, let's skip to the end. Someone, anyone, please score. We walked back to our room and Ray turned on the t.v. - 13th, 14th. He gave up. Read the score the next day - Cards won in the 15th.

St.Louis is one huge advertisement for Budweiser. A Bud Light Lime proved refreshing........aaahhh!

Tour during the day - you can still see the arch outline in the grass from the 2009 All Star Game.
Baseball and writing - pacing and characters, mini-dramas, atmosphere, and a beer if you so desire.
Winners and losers. Home runs and strikeouts.
Here's a poem for Texas baseball:
Hot Streak

bat crack
arcs home run
over beer pop-tops
shaved heads
signal summer baseball
and sno-cones
late afternoon storm
surprises tourists

pavement sizzles

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  1. Free baseball. Ha! Love it. I'm good for about two hours of it, and even at that it takes a lot of concessions to get me through.

    Looks like you guys had a great vacation.