Thursday, August 6, 2009

On the Road: Gateway Arch

Meriweather Lewis didn't have an Arch to greet him (nor the McDonald's Golden Arches to feed him either), but thanks to our National Park Service, this icon of St.Louis, MO and the symbol of Westward Expansion looms largely along the Mississippi River.

Instead of a dumpster view (as usual), we actually had this sightline of the Arch from our Crowne Plaza window. Spectacular.

I've written about perspective before and it is worthwhile to explore all aspects of one's writing, one's projects, or an Arch. I imagine the planning meeting -architects with detailed statues, buildings, etc. And then, Eero Saarinen probably pulled out a napkin with his vision of an arch made out of that newfangled material - stainless steel. A gasp, and then applause. Everyone crumples up their drawings. Simple, yet brilliant.
Magnificent glint.

Riverboat cruise and another viewpoint. I'm still in awe.


  1. "Simple yet brilliant" -- don't you wish you could scribble something on a napkin that would lead to a simple yet brilliant story?

    For some reason, I thought you were going to go off on the trail of story or character arc's but you took it a whole different direction. Nice surprise.

  2. You take the best pictures. Thanks for sharing. I can see a travel book in your future. . .