Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Slapdash

Get your ducks in a row. Keep all the balls in the air. In Memphis, in front of the arena, they have all the balls in a row. Currently, my ducks are waddling every which way, and any balls in the air are bouncing onto my head. I was never good at dodge ball - so hey world, hit me with your best shot.
August in Texas is HOT and all signs of organization slip away willy-nilly. The one thing I seem to do well is float in the pool. ( I do go to work and type accurately, but that's work, not play). Oh, I've been writing some and sending out some and getting rejected some, but it's not done in a pattern with purpose. Critiques with friends have gone by the wayside. My sense of publication urgency is sitting seaside at Ocean City, NJ on hiatus or chowing down on a Pudge's cheesesteak, or perhaps staring at the Gateway Arch in St.Louis at yet another angle.
I enjoy the August slip'n slide, the smell of chlorine, the slice of watermelon. However, my brain is starting to compartmentalize chores and tasks and goals for September. It's beginning to round up the balls, prepare to segue from summer slapdash into September short story success.
That still doesn't mean I'm any good at dodge ball.


  1. Well, I took off this spring, but have stayed on task all summer. I guess I had to go through spring molting or something. I loathe dodgeball.

  2. After working hard on our writing, I think we all deserved a little time off to regenerate. We'll be back into the writing and critiquing mode soon enough and before long the pool will just be a backdrop through the patio doors. Enjoy it while you can.