Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie Review: Elysium

2159 is brutal. Earth is a teeming mass of poverty. But folks can look up and see a giant gleaming spoke in the sky - Elysium - mecca. Indeed rich folks live lives with no disease, no worries. For the masses, how can they achieve a trip to this better life?

Elysium, directed by Neill Blomkamp, is another bleak futuristic film like his District 9. Washed out colors surround Max (Matt Damon) and he goes through the motions until he's involved in a radiation accident at work. Then, with only five days to live, he visits Spider, a computer technical mastermind who might have a solution for Max. Implanted computer chips and a new exo-skeleton empower Max. His goal is to download the brain secrets of the head of Armadyne. With that information given to Spider, Max has a free ride to Elysium to be cured and live a free life.

However, this is a dangerous mission and the Secretary of Defense of Elysium, Jodie Foster, is not about to have her world destroyed or invaded. She intends a coup to place herself in power. Soon there are many factions eager to destroy Max and his newfound knowledge. Particularly scary is Kruger, Sharlto Copley - a massive man with firepower to burn.

Elysium is very violent but well done. Of course, there's a love interest only it's complicated for Max. Underlying issues of immigration, power, money, etc. are given a unique spin by this South African director. Blomkamp does interesting work. Matt Damon is sharp as always. Jodie Foster is scary evil as her blue eyes flash and she delivers orders in a clipped tone. Is Elysium attainable or are we doomed to stay on Earth? 2159 is not that far away.

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  1. Great review Joanne. Even though it’s not as good as District 9, it still has plenty action and emotion to keep you going.