Friday, August 23, 2013

Morning Mexican Petunia Goes Mayhem

Ray snapped this picture the other morning around 7 am. The Mexican petunia is berserk. I think this is the most blooms ever. They pop out in the morning and then drop off by afternoon. Truly, they shed in the mega heat of the day. Overnight, they think about it and create new blooms. Gorgeous color and low maintenance. They bake in the sun against a brick backdrop.

Hard to believe children start school on Monday and then it's Labor Day/September in a week. The summer has flown by.

Happy Weekend!


  1. They act a bit like the day lilies do here. Lovely colour :-)

  2. Wow! Those are some short-lived blooms!

  3. They are persistent. Mine have gone crazy and taken over half the border (not the Mexican border, just the one in my garden).

  4. Neat! They remind me of a bush our son and daughter-in-law have. It's called purple showers, and it, too, forms purple petunia-like blossoms in the morning, and they fall off in the heat of the day. (I wonder if it's the same flower?)