Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Presidential Library at SMU

George W. Bush Presidential Library

Thursday August 1st, Ray and I trekked over to the SMU campus in Dallas - lovely area. There we visited the new presidential library - a pleasant building landscaped with native Texas grasses. The atrium 360 degree theater gives an impressive start to the day. The short film overhead shows America - scenery and variety of people. It's very cool and well done.

Then we headed into the galleries. I do think that more time is needed to gain perspective on Bush's presidency. However, the various displays are interesting. The 9/11 section is difficult. I have trouble watching that footage and remembering that day. I noticed I was not the only person blinking back tears.

The gallery sections are titled: A Charge to Keep, Creating Opportunity, Responding to September 11, Defending Freedom, Acting with Compassion, Leading on Issues, and a New Call to Service. Plus there is a replica of the Oval Office and displays showing Life in the White House. We stepped out in the Texas Rose Garden - sweltering heat. 

All in all, we spent about two hours in the museum. The films and artifacts capture history and I'd like to visit the Bush senior library at A&M.  Afterwards, we headed over to the Highland Park shopping center to enjoy Italian food at Patrizio's. Well worth the trek.


  1. I watched the coverage on TV when that museum opened a few months ago. (Seems like that's about how long ago it was, anyway. I could be wrong.) Neat that you were able to visit it in person.