Monday, October 5, 2015

Long Time Friendship

All Sides of  Life 
by Joanne Faries

white haired and stooped
silver haired and slowing
two men breakfasted every Thursday
corn beef hash and wheat toast
pancakes and bacon
one coffee, one orange juice 

smiles on the side 

regular place, regular booth, regular chat
originals to the neighborhood
catty-corner back lawn
past the one with the added hedge
no fences

history on their side 

kids, church, couples bridge
dinners, New Year’s, and Halloween
until the women passed
one sudden heart attack
one lingering cancer
widowers now retired 

no one by their side 

breakfast tradition began
only missed by vacation
an illness, snowstorm or two
years rolled by, friendship grew
common ground trod
eggs or French toast variation 

biscuits on the side 

one met a lady friend
moved to senior home
the other stayed with his roots
Thursday breakfast remained
tradition upheld
until the call came 

farewell from bedside 

my dad’s good buddy
gone now, sad to say
fifty-five years of friendship
hard to fathom these days
no more breakfast tickets
hearty laughs or retread tales 

stay at home on Thursdays now 

stay inside
(Dedicated to Mr. Thompson - he shall be missed - and to my Dad)






  1. How sad. So many years of friendship. Eventually it came to a close.

    1. they had a heck of a good run for a long time. Thanks for reading my poem

  2. This is very sad and has just moved me to tears. Beautifully written. I wish your Dad all the best. It's no fun getting old,

  3. Oh my. This is sad but also beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to such a special friendship with many wonderful memories.

  4. Hi Joanne - must be so sad - I know it is .. but expressing your thoughts does help. Lovely poem showing us your love, and their devotion ... such a great friendship - with thoughts - Hilary

  5. Replies
    1. thanks Al. They had fun. That's the key (and good breakfasts)

  6. Replies
    1. thanks. My dad's not big on emotional stuff, but this hit him hard

  7. Oh dear, this is sad. Hope your dad is doing okay.

    1. thanks. Dad's going to have a rough few months, but there shall be progress.

  8. Oh, Joanne, this is heartbreaking. I'm so sorry for your dad.
    This poem is a beautiful tribute to their friendship. Smiles on the side.

    1. thanks. They had a lot of fun doing buddy stuff, and Mr. T. was very handy. He fixed all sorts of stuff at my Dad's house.

  9. I'm sorry your dad lost his dear friend. I agree with Robyn that this
    a wonderful tribute to him, and their long friendship. A beautifully written poem.


  10. What a wonderfully poignant poem. It brought tears to my eyes. Losing a longtime friend is so hard, and for seniors, especially, because routine is so important, if you know what I mean. I'm so sorry for your father's loss.