Saturday, October 17, 2015

Silent Saturday at the Botanic Gardens

 Glorious day to meet a friend at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. We strolled the grounds and then entered the conservatory. Lush exotic blooms greeted us

So peaceful


  1. Hi Joanne - nothing like a wander around a Botanic garden, nursery or herb centre ... peaceful - yes! Cheers Hilary

  2. Seems we were on the same Botanical/Park page...just in different Texas towns...this week. Sister and I walked at a beautiful park in New Braunfels....posted on CIT. Now I am adding Ft.Worth Botanical Gardens to our list of places to see. Beautiful photos.

    1. today was pumpkin fest at the Dallas Arboretum. You'll see those pics on Monday. it's that time of year Sue - cooler!!! You know what I mean. Glad you enjoyed a stroll.

  3. I love going places like this. Looks gorgeous.