Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Movie Review - The Intern

The Intern is a Nancy Meyer film, and that means it’s glossy and pretty with great sets and a heartwarming story. The cool place to be is Brooklyn, and that’s where Jules (Anne Hathaway) has her nifty e-commerce fashion company – in a refurbed warehouse where no one has an office, she rides her bike to meetings, and everyone is young and dedicated.  Well, almost everyone is young. Robert De Niro (no longer a Godfather, he’s in grandfather roles with a crinkly smile) as Ben Whitaker needs a purpose to his life and applies for the senior intern program. Nattily dressed, complete with briefcase, he’s assigned to Jules. She’s ‘difficult and picky” and rolls her eyes at the thought of using this old dude to help her.

Well, of course, he’s wonderful. Everyone in the company looks to him for common sense wisdom, and finally Jules realizes he’s a good friend who’s looking out for her best interests. He can mend a broken marriage, and help the bottom line. The Intern is frothy fun with a nice story. It oozes charm and is New York eye candy. Anne and Robert are pleasant with a good rapport. I saw this movie at a cheap matinee price and was entertained. It’s a good rental or streamer date night. No need to think much. Just clock out, pour a glass of wine, and relax.


  1. This movie is on my list to see. I like anything with Anne Hathaway. (Usually.)

  2. Yes, glass of wine and relax with this movie, and have some good old school to new school entertainment. Thanks for the review...It's on my 'On Demand' list.

  3. This sounds like a fun one. I enjoy movies that let me relax and just be entertained.