Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday - Ask a Question

Take the time today to ask a question. Actually listen and engage

Here's my story - was picking up shirts at the dry cleaners and the usual woman took care of me. We do general chitchat and I commented on the nice weather. She said, "Oh, I just got back from where it was rather cold."

"Where did you go? Vacation?"

She beamed. "Went to Nashville. My mother turned 80 and me and my four sisters hung out at my oldest sister's place. It's fabulous. She had matching pajamas for us, manicures set up, food, movies, etc."

Her enthusiasm made my day. I said, "Wow. That sounds great. Keep that vacation glow going."

You could tell she was still happy and also glad to talk about her fun.

So, wherever you are today, ask that one extra question.


  1. So few people do ask questions. My wife taught me how and now I make it a point to ask questions when talking to others. Of course, the flip side is you start noticing how few ask questions in return...

    1. It is interesting and yes, it takes time to actually have a conversation. But it's generally worth it. Plus as a writer and observer, I always get new material.

  2. What a sweet story! I bet you made her day because you took the time to listen to her.

  3. That is definitely a Thoughtful thing to do on Thursday or any day. You never know when you may make someone's day with a simple question....then there's the 'How are you' careful who you ask! Safer to say...'Your looking do you do it? Need material...ask a Texan.