Saturday, September 11, 2021

Twenty Years Later - 9/11

 Ray and I were in New York City in 2001.  We had a fabulous week full of theater, sports, museums, history, and food - so much food. We had walked around the World Trade Center area, waving at window washers, craning our necks to look up, up, up......  We flew back to Texas on 9/1. 

September 11, 2001 dawned with a lovely Tuesday morning. I was driving to work in Dallas when KISS FM (mostly pop talk and fun radio) announced a news bulletin - a plane, maybe, had flown into the World Trade Center tower.  Say what?

Got to work and a few others dragged a very small television out to turn on the news. We watched in horror as the morning unfolded. And when those towers crashed down, down, down, we were all shaken. 

No cell phones. On the regular work landline, I called Ray at his work. He said, "Wow, this is just crazy. We were just there." 

 And yes, I tried to explain to fellow workers, how big these buildings were, how many people could be affected. It was beyond fathom. 

It is still beyond words.  Twenty years later and I remember 9/11 2001 like yesterday. 

Now, a guy at my workplace is only 21 years old. He has no clue, no earthly idea of the enormity of that day.  The world changed. History turned a huge page and we have never been the same. 

Like many pivotal times, the stories are still being written, the salutes are done, and yet it's never enough. 

We must remember and learn and reflect. 



  1. Hi Joanne - yes peace ... thank you - Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary. Just a tough day and it seems like nothing has changed.

  2. I echo your words about learning from 09/11 , Peace to the world. We must not forget.


    1. Thanks much. We still have so much more work to do in the world.

  3. The world changed - absolutely. I have family in NY/NJ so I too was horrified-glued to the TV rest of the day. Terribly harrowing.

    I was just thinking about the families affected, how they have got on and where they are now twenty years on. As you said, we haven't learnt all the lessons fully yet.

    Peace to the departed and to those left behind.

    1. thanks. I had friends who flew a lot for business. It was a relief to hear they hadn't been on a plane that day. Peace indeed.