Friday, September 9, 2022

Clinton Presidential Library

Back in June, I drove  from TX to PA with some pit stops along the way. The Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, AR proved to be an interesting afternoon. This is a very modern building with a lot of video screens and interactive material.  It's set up with The Early Years, Life in the White House, Oval Office, Cabinet Room, Campaign Trails, and more. There's also a twelve minute overview film. 

On the exterior grounds, there were a variety of globe designs

As you can see from these two postcards, it's a dramatic building and setting overlooking the Arkansas River. 

 Here's a pic I took as I walked in.  Time flies, and it's funny how much of the presidency and those years 1992 - 2000 I forgot. Good times, bad times, the ebb and flow of America. Programs that worked, those that failed, and in looking at exhibits I could reflect on where we are today. 

Staying in tune with history is important, and visiting Presidential Libraries are a way to anchor some time periods. Excellent pit stop and Little Rock, AR is a bustling  little city. 


  1. Hi Joanne - must have been interesting to visit and to remember back ... staying in tune with memory is very important - I'm managing fairly well - but definitely there are blanks, not important though fortunately. I'm glad you had that stop off ... cheers Hilary

    1. Indeed- visiting history in a setting of films, mementos, and with a time line chart helps put so much in perspective. I wish school kids could all be exposed this way. There would be more interest and appreciation.

  2. How lovely to go back to places i history Joanne.This made interesting reading,
    Hope all is well.

    1. Absolutely. Puts a lot in perspective. And there were pictures of your Queen with the Clintons. Very sad news of her passing. I admired her!