Monday, September 5, 2022

Happy Labor Day Monday

Labor?  What's that?   Am I obnoxious about being retired?  Heck yea!   It's nice to do what I want, when  I want, or just be lazy.  It's great to be able to travel east for a month and hang with my sister at Rehoboth Beach.
Or have lunch with friends in Redbank, NJ after visiting a cool art gallery
This meme can apply at times
Or I can take dad to a very cool car museum.  We had a good summer visit with plenty of laughs. It was nice  to not have  to worry about work or using up vacation time. 

 And there's the pickleball passion.  Fun game. I took lessons in the spring  at the local college. Now I have a whole new  batch of friends and we play up to three times a week.  Ray's brand new knee works well and he's joined the gang. We do mix up pairings, so I don't think Ray and I need counseling...yet. Actually, we play pretty well together. 

And retirement is fun - eat meals when we want, hit a spur of the moment movie, just float in the pool, and sit on the patio and read. Or kick back in a chair and nap  ( I  mean meditate)

Happy Labor Day for those still working. Thank you for your time and efforts. Save those's worth it. 


  1. Lovely post Joanne, loved the photo's also Have a wonderful Labor Day. will be thinking of you.
    Take care.

    1. So nice to hear from you. Thanks much. Sure hope you are doing okay

  2. Hi Joanne - great fun wrap up post ... you certainly are fulfilling your retirement days - good for you ... and great you got to take your Dad to the motor museum ... having fun is par for the course with family and friends. Pickleball has always sounded fun ... I think it must be played here ... yes - I see there are a few centres - perhaps I'll give it a look.

    Enjoy your labour day - like you ... everyday is a relaxing day except when the voluntary aspects come in - lots of those which is good for me ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks. You’ve shown me how its done. Lots of interest and keeping busy. All with joy!