Friday, September 2, 2022

Freaky Friday Book Review - The Candy House by Jennifer Egan

 The Candy House by Jennifer Egan is weirdly good, and yet  I don't know if I can explain it  in a review. 

Bix Bouton is  a  tech god who comes up with a deal to externalize your memories. "Own Your  Unconscious" allows you to access every memory you've ever had and to share with others. Think about the consequences of  this. It's mind boggling.  

cover blurb - The Candy House  is a  testament to the tenacity and transcendence of human longing for real connection, love, family, privacy, and  redemption.  There are  "counters" who track and exploit desires and there are "eluders", those who understand the price of taking  a bite of the Candy  House.

Jennifer Egan is certainly creative and this book challenges the reader. Far from sweet, her writing explores technology and culture. 

Meanwhile last week, Ray and I went  to Vegas. One  of our stops was  the Mob  Museum. Yes,  three floors of an old courthouse are dedicated to the Mafia.  Really interesting history and exhibits - including  a wall from the St. Valentine's  Massacre in Chicago. 

 I think John Gotti's statement applies  to our tech world that records everything these days. 

It's funny that Prohibition  kicked Mob  activity into high gear. Big business, baby!

Have a good weekend everyone


  1. Hi Joanne - lovely to know you had a visit over to Vegas and were able to visit the Mob Museum - sounds interesting ... while the book a good read by the sound of it - cheers Hilary

    1. The Mafia fascinates me, so the museum added a lot. As for the book- challengingly different

  2. Externalising every memory? That's truly mind boggling. Sounds like a fascinating book. So does Vegas. All on the bucket list - someday...
    Hope your weekend is going superbly well.

    1. the book is a bit mind blowing - but every book she's written goes to another level. As for Vegas - you truly have to see it to believe it and then you still will have your mind blown. It's nutso. Yes, the weekend is nice - we've dialed down to a whole lot of lazy