Monday, September 12, 2022

Monday Moments - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II RIP

 Strictly a post of respect

Her Majesty,  Queen Elizabeth II, passed at age 96. 


A woman who, as a girl, took a vow  to serve her  country and she kept that vow through  fifteen Prime Ministers, a multitude of US Presidents, wars, peace, a pandemic, and seventy years as queen. 

I absolutely admire, respect,  and am in awe of her life. 

Yes, she had her moments of fails - the handling of Princess Diana proved challenging. 

Nonetheless, she was human. She loved her Prince Phillip. She loved her children despite issues. 

She was a grandmother and great grandmother, loved her Corgis. 

She exuded graciousness, class, and obvious intellect and humor.. 

My father (age 91) said his late sister, my Aunt Janice, had a pen  pal from Canada back when she was  around twelve. Apparently the girl sent my aunt some souvenirs of Princess (at the time) Elizabeth. How cool is that?

All in all, I just wanted to post about her.  In her late years, she SO reminded me of my own grandmother - the white hair, sturdy shoes, and always a broach. 

Class act!  Will the world keep spinning without Queen Elizabeth II?

  I was counting on her to carry on and keep calm.  What shall we do?


  1. She lived through so much history and did it with grace.

    1. Absolutely. I would have loved to meet her. She saw it all.

    2. Great post about our Queen Joanne.
      My mother before she was married met the Queens Mother, very proud day for her.
      I wrote the queen a poem when her mother passed away.Got a reply from Buckingham, Palace from the Queens Lady In Waiting"
      She will be sadly missed.

    3. Wow. Your brush of fame with the monarchy is cool. Both the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth were impressive women.

  2. Hi Joanne - she set many examples ... it is extremely sad - yet now giving us a real run of our history over the centuries ... very sad, yet I'm so pleased I'm around to witness this almost a fortnight of so much going on. Thank you for this post - Hilary

    1. Thanks. And so a chapter ends, but we get to witness a new start with old traditions. Should be interesting to watch history unfold.