Monday, June 26, 2023

Monday Moments - Daylight and Mercy

I got on a mission to complete the Atlee Pine thrillers by David Baldacci. 

 I've reviewed the first two in the series - Long Road to Mercy and also A Minute  to Midnight

 Now third  in line is Daylight, and yes,  maybe Atlee is making headway in finding out if her twin sister survived a kidnapping as a little girl. The name of the kidnapper - Ito Vincenzo leads to New Jersey and a connection between the Vincenzo family and a scheme against democracy. Peeling  back the layers  of deceit, lies, and coverups, Atlee finally discovers the truth about what happened to Mercy. (cover blurb)

You will be shocked along with Atlee. Baldacci  has quite the compelling heroine (or two!) and you ain't seen nothing yet.  Onward to book four - the grand finale. 

Mercy by David Baldacci - did Atlee's twin sister survive her abduction as a six year old? Did she ever escape her captors?  What kind of life did she find or what  troubles found her?

cover  blurb - The final leg of her long road to Mercy will be the most treacherous. Mercy left at least one dead body behind at some point in her life. What else will  Atlee find out? FBI, CIA, and other factions of government prove dangerous as Atlee sorts clues. Her mother, her real father, her other father - it's a convoluted tree of deception, alternate  identities, and surprises. 

This grand finale of the Atlee Pine series ratchets the tension higher and you'll keep the pages turning trying to keep up with Atlee. Whew! Quite the thriller. 


  1. Happy Monday Joanne, these seem a splendid set of books to read. Pleased you enjoy them.
    Hope all is well actually rainning here as I wrote.

    1. Yep. Good entertaining books. And please send rain. Have a good week.