Friday, June 30, 2023

Finally Friday - Baseball Stadiums - Check!

Ray and I are resuming  our baseball stadium check list.   Bear with us.  It's a thing

So - Cleveland Guardians.  Yep.  Really fun and a lot of history.  (Sshhh - they used to be the Cleveland Indians. And there's still a lot of fans hanging on to that history)  

It's an  old team with a  lot  of  history. We respect that.  And the Guardians is now a  cool logo and team.  Nice stadium on a lovely May Day.  Gotta love afternoon baseball.  Gee, we love being retired. 
Check off another one, Ray
And Pittsburgh - another fun team and old stadium history.  The Pirates beat the Texas Rangers.  Everyone was nice to us even though we wore our Rangers shirts proudly.  Just a very awesome  evening. 
Yep - I'm glad we are continuing our tradition. I think  we've made it  to half  the stadiums now. 

And  with new pitch clock,  the games go faster.  Rah!


  1. I've seen the Pirates play in that stadium.
    Guess if I want to hear the words Cleveland Indians I'll just have to go watch Major League.

    1. Yep. I am surprised the Braves keeping hanging in there

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    1. I am not fanatic but it is fun.