Monday, June 19, 2023

Monday Moments - My Dad

My Dad.  Hey - it's always Happy Father's Day. I don't need a special day to salute this man.
He's my rock. He's my soul.  He is the best dad ever who cares so much, who still roots for me. What  can I say?  I am so lucky to have a dad who would edit term papers,  be there for the diorama, who came to all of my graduations, etc.  He's the best.   Now, at almost 92  - it's tough. We  have  to be there for him, but he's a pretty happy dude who watches Good Morning America and is up on pop culture.  He's always been funny!
Who knew that this little guy would have me, David, and Lori?  He'd have a  successful  career and truly touch a lot of lives.  

I enjoyed my visit in May and I'm planning the next one.  This man keeps on  ticking and kicking. He likes his sweets, old black and white classic movies. He can't hear crap,  the eyesight has faded, but he gets up every morning (well,  closer to noon), gets dressed, makes his bed, and  hobbles downstairs (!). 

He's My DAD and I love him very much.  Happy Father's Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a wonderful post to a wonderful dad Joanne I never knew mine he passed away when I was three. Those lovely photo's of your dad are really heartwarming. Thanks for sharing him with us.

    1. Thanks much. I count myself lucky.

  2. Very special Joanne ... lovely photos - thank you ... cheers Hilary