Monday, June 29, 2015

Movie Review: Jurassic World

It’s been a long time since we held our breath as raptors tapped their claws in the kitchen and kids tried to not move. Well, they are back and dinosaurs are bigger and badder than ever in Jurassic World.

This is a summer blockbuster, eat-a- tub- of-popcorn, kind of movie for the family. It’s PG-13 with a little language and some big teeth chomping. I actually paid full price and have no regrets – super big screen, great sound, and comfy recliner seats. I did not choose 3D, but I heard that is decent. So, Jurassic World is fun……….but………’s a lot of rehash of the old Jurassic Park. For me it lacked that extra wow factor that made the first one so original.  

Two kids come to visit their aunt and experience the theme park – ride dinosaurs, interact with them, and picture Sea World or a Zoo on mega steroids. The aunt played by Bryce Dallas Howard is a big executive and really can’t spend time with the kids. She’s in crisis mode when a newly created dinosaur goes rogue. What was in its genetic mix? A bit of raptor, a bit of all things nasty? This dinosaur is clever and can adapt as it runs rampant. Speaking of running, Howard does it in heels (seriously? This annoyed me).  

Fortunately, we have Chris Pratt – dino-whisperer. He’s the man with the muscles, the plan, and some common sense. Plus his sense of humor and comic timing makes the movie. Chris Pratt can do no wrong right now.  And finally, evil Vincent D’Onofrio, is eager to bring in his military muscle to control Jurassic World and key dino DNA.  

So lots of great CGI special effects. The dinosaurs are impressive. Lots of chasing through the jungle, rain, and the roar of massive beasts. Jurassic World is eye candy and there’s nothing wrong with that in the summer. Take the family and have fun. Just keep your arms inside the ride.



  1. And leave your brain at the door!
    I can't imagine walking in heels, let alone running in them.

  2. Your review was funner and funnier than I imagine the movie to be. I can't stand women who routinely wear heels. Alex is right. I have a hard time walking in heels. If I attempted to run, a dinosaur would have me for lunch before I lifted my left foot.

  3. I enjoyed your review. Thanks! This sounds fun, but I might wait until it comes to the cheap theater.