Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Poem: She Let Go

she let go 

after a month of rain
weary grip on the earth
the strain to live
tasked her roots 

she had no roots
vague memory of youth
intense growth period
heat cycled, hail pounded 

wind whipped
green lacy leaves lingered
branches presented a brave prayer
beseeched the sky 

sap starved, she dried up inside
despite surging storms
she keeled over
hitting her crown on the roof 

final farewell scraped
tiny root tendrils exposed her

so shallow
Note - Ray and I took a walk around the block after our May storms. A rather large maple was uprooted on another street. She looked healthy enough up top with green leaves, but alas, huge gaping hole in the yard revealed.....nothing.



  1. I'm always amazed at how small the roots of large trees can be. It's so sad to see them fallen. I loved the line 'weary grip on the earth'.

  2. Wonderful poem, Joanne! It makes me sad to see a toppled tree too.

    1. especially if they had been so cheery looking

  3. Yeah, you folks are getting PUMMELED by all that rain. Yikes. Even so, I'd still rather live in Texas.

    1. darn freakin' hot in the summer. Personally (if I had money) San Diego would be the perfect spot.