Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Reflect

 Generally on September 11th, I do a look back or salute to 9/11/2001 - certainly a day that changed our lives. Footage from that day still haunts. 

Now, 2020 is truly a year that is changing our lives forever. This is a pivotal year of ...something, anything. I don't know what - certainly above my pay grade. But definitely a year of defining what counts in our lives - health, family, friends, and life. 

Intimations by Zadie Smith is a small book - less than one hundred pages - full of short, timely essays that reflect these times. Ms. Smith is a talented deep writer and I've often had trouble with her novels. However, this book explores ideas, feelings, and questions prompted by the pandemic lock down. Submit to a new reality - or resist it? Time and work - the relationship? In our isolation, what do other people mean to us? This book clears a generous space for thought.  (cover blurb). 

Man, she made me think. And she made me say, "Damn, she really hit the nail on the head."

p. 17   Death comes to all - but in America it has long been considered reasonable to offer the best chance of delay to the highest bidder. 

p. 20  Out of an expanse of time, you carve a little area - that nobody asked you to carve - and you do "something".   Bake banana bread. Build a living room fort. Something to do. It fills the time. 

Zadie Smith wrote Intimations from her heart and soul.  It made me think, it made me nod, it made me say, "Damn."


  1. These are the kinds of events we should read about in history books, not live through. I'm still trying to come to terms with the 21st century - it's not how we thought it would be at all, is it?

    1. no, but Zadie Smith truly writes well and from the heart. She captures a lot. Worth the read

  2. Thanks Joanne - I've not managed to read any of hers either ... I'll try another in due course. I'm going to give this one a go ... thanks for the great review.

    Life is 'interesting' at least for many of us ... for those struggling it must be awful. Take care - I sincerely hope we can all get through and come to our senses in all ways. Have a peaceful weekend - Hilary

    1. I think you'll be pleased with this work. Like I said I found her novels very challenging. But this struck me. And I will no doubt re-read at times. Take good care

  3. Replies
    1. I love good writing. And this was awesome. A wow that struck me

  4. Most thought provoking Joanne, There are times that just should not happen.