Friday, May 14, 2021

Finally Friday - Fluffy Read

Finally Friday and we needed a fluffy light read for the weekend. 

cover blurb: Modern Lovers by Emma Straub is seductively funny and sharp. Packing wisdom, insight, and humor together, this is a richly satisfying book about neighbors and nosiness, ambition and pleasure, the excitement of youth, the shock of middle age, and the fact that our passions - be they food, or friendship, or music - never go away. They just evolve and grow along with us. 

Elizabeth, Andrew, and Zoe are old college friends who were in a band and hit it big with one song, thanks to the voice of the late Lydia.  Now middle aged, Elizabeth and Andrew are married and in a rut. Zoe is married to Jane and they are in a rut.   Elizabeth and Andrew's son, Harry is a nice young man in high school growing into the man he'll be.  Ruby, Zoe and Jane's girl, is the exotic elusive creature of his dreams. Ruby's the wild child trying to figure out her future. Meanwhile, as the adults cross paths (yes, they live on the same block), Ruby and Harry find some heat in a weird changing summer. 

Everyone seems to be at a crossroads in their lives. At times the adults act more childish than their teen  offspring. Straub writes rich characters and interweaves the story line from past to present with a light touch and plenty of humor. I liked Modern Lovers as an entertaining fluff piece and that's a compliment  as dessert for my brain. 

Have a great weekend folks. We'll be dodging rain drops in Texas. Guess that drought is over. 


  1. Loved the review Joanne. Made good reading.

    Don't get too wet this weekend.

    1. Hey - I love raincoats and have a good collection. I could live in the UK!