Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday Wows

Downtown Bentonville on Saturday morning - we strolled the square.  Nifty murals and there was a farmers market - huge radishes, broccoli, and gorgeous flowers in various stalls. 
This one was striking
Yep - Me and the water feature in the square
Onward to a peek into Crystal Bridges Art Museum - different and cool

In one wing of the museum, we walked into this room that had two walls filled with a plethora, a bounty, a variety spanning the ages of American art.  You get a Warhol, you get a John Singer Sargent, find the Mary Cassatt, and throw in a Maxfield Parrish for good measure.  Wow!

Just a tip of the art iceberg in Arkansas.  


  1. Hi Joanne - all looks fun ... and those portraits are a great representation of artists ... the jaguar on the ball is fun! So pleased you had such an obviously happy weekend ... cheers Hilary