Friday, May 28, 2021

Finally Friday and Memorial Weekend

Finally Friday and last Friday we headed to AR for our Crystal Bridges Art Museum adventure

Just some Chihuly tucked in a corner

Depression line sculpture
Look up - more Chihuly awaits
Modern wing

 And the natural beauty of the grounds as we strolled the trails

Such variety and peace

And now it's Memorial Weekend.  We remember all that served and died in service to their country

Wars are bred by poverty and oppression. Continued peace is possible only in a relatively free and prosperous world - George C. Marshall 1956

 Enjoy family and nature this weekend. Appreciate our United States of America in all it's flaws, we can still find community. 


  1. I'm ever grateful for the personal touch you sent from AR. Very impressive, my friend. Glad you had such a great getaway.


    1. you are welcome. Gotta spread the fun. Have a super Memorial Weekend

  2. Loved the pics Joanne, I recall I was in Washington DC on one Memorial Day.


    1. I bet that was impressive with a lot of flags flying. Take care and have a good weekend

  3. Hi Joanne - so pleased you were able to get away to one of your little bits of 'heaven' at a time of Memorial. I do hope we can have peace ... I've just read a book about a Cambridge student in 1987 travelling along as much of Marco Polo's road as possible (Jerusalem to Xanadu!) ... interesting to see the correlations from 700 years ago, to those from 35 years ago ... frightening ...

    I'm just enjoying the sun at the moment - have a peaceful weekend - Hilary

    1. glad you had sun. We are in a monsoon spell in TX. No drought currently. I did enjoy a very lazy weekend