Friday, April 22, 2022

Finally Friday - Let's go random

 I like this quote. I've always liked Anna Quindlen's writing. Alas, I believe there is one grandchild who likes to read...Obviously I've failed!

Moving on...

Quick book review - The Cellist by Daniel Silva is almost scary in how straight from headlines is this novel.  Apparently he re-wrote the ending in six weeks due to fast changes in the world situation. 

We have Viktor Orlov, a Russian exile, who is killed, in his London mansion, by documents contaminated by deadly nerve gas. An investigative reporter had delivered the papers and now she's gone. 

Who do you call?  The intrepid Israeli super spy extraordinaire - Gabriel Allon, Silva's hero in his thriller series. 

London, Amsterdam, Geneva. Gabriel's group of spies must  work fast to stop Russia's rich from dividing America into further chaos. 

cover blurb - Elegant and sophisticated, provocative and daring, The Cellist explores one of the preeminent threats facing the West  today - the corrupting influence of dirty money wielded by a revanchist and reckless Russia.  

Whew!  This book is a page turner and Gabriel Allon is SO cool. Silva is on top of his game. 


  1. Hi Joanne - no problems here ... permanently random ... while the book does sound interesting, especially in today's world ... cheers Hilary

    1. Silva always seems to know the hot button topic

  2. My daughter is an avid reader. I was never a good reader when I was younger. Not sure why, except I hated to read aloud in school, and libraries were intimidating. No one at our school liked the witchy librarian. But, as ad adult I read aloud to my daughter constantly! Through her, I learned to enjoy reading. Now, I'm hooked on audio books so I can do multiple things at one time. I find I'm listening far more than I used to read. So maybe your grandchildren will flourish later. Who knows.
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    1. thanks and glad you enjoy reading now. I can't imagine my life without books. We went to the library weekly as a child. Glad you can read or hear the joy!