Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Wednesday Whatever - Botanic Garden Fun

That time of year - a stroll at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. I met up with my friend Trish on a gorgeous Thursday - perfect temps, no wind. A miracle day. And the flowers did not disappoint. 
This snowball tree is SO full. 
Pensive moment
Special theme throughout - It's a Bug's Life.   Creepy good
Watch out for the web. 

After our hour long walk, we went to Lucille's, a Fort Worth restaurant institution. Lunch lobster roll. No we aren't in Maine, but dang, they know how to do it right. We had a splendid day. 


  1. Sounds so much fun ... an ideal day out - lovely .. cheers Hilary

    1. absolutely - we always have a nice time. The weather cooperated

  2. Sounds like a wonderful outing. Happy to know you're out and about!