Friday, April 29, 2022

Friday Flashback to Easter Fun (and Candy)

I've been in PA  visiting my super senior dad and relieving my siblings  from 24 hour care. No doubt I will have stories to tell.  But I've done some filler posts.  Let's flashback to fun Easter and cute girls in lovely Easter dresses - Dakota and Skylar.   Sweetness. 
Makyla is older sister and just growing into a lovely young  lady who loves the arts, etc. She has my heart - truly creative and finding her way. It's amazing. 
The whole family.  We had a fun Easter Sunday - good cookout, egg hunt, and  turns out new twin goats had been born. No pictures, but life in the country (an hour drive for us) yields a whole new world. 

No doubt I will have a Dad story or two in the weeks  ahead. OMG - he's a mess, but he's our mess. 

Until then,  Happy Friday. TGIF and have a great weekend. We zoom into MAY.   How can that be?  



  1. Hi Joanne - ah messes can be fun with lots of jollity and hilarity - enjoy being with your Dad. (I had some hilarious times with my Mum - on occasion even bringing the nurses running in to see what the 'noise' was about).

    The family above look delightful and so pleased you can easily visit them and have a change of pace and vista! Cheers Hilary

  2. Looks like you had a good time. Cute little ones in their Easter Dresses, funny how the teen is in jeans. What's that magic age when little girls top wanting to dress pretty? It's like it happens over night, poof. Hope things go well with your Dad. Being a care giver can be stressful. I'm sure your sibs are grateful for a break.
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    1. The break did not go well. Thrown for a loop with Covid. I ended up fine. But it knocked back my father. We worked like a team, so that was good