Monday, April 25, 2022

Monday Moments - boys of summer are back

Opening  Day for Texas Rangers baseball was Monday 4-11-2022 and we were there bright  and early for batting practice. 
A happy Ray had worked hard since  February to get his knee rehabbed enough to make it to Opening Day.  We did take advantage of closer parking  and the ADA shuttle. That service helped a lot!
I received a 20 game package from Omega for my retirement gift.  Sweet seats.  This big screen isn't even the BIG BIG screen.
First day is always fun and full of energy.  The new ballpark is very functional. It lacks the character  of the old one. I read a description, "It feels a bit like walking in a shopping mall."   Alas, that's true. 

 But it does have a roof that closes.  Opening Day temps were wonderful and it was nice  to see blue skies.  But by July, when it's a steamy 100....oh that closed roof and air-conditioning will be wonderful.

Play Ball!

P.S. New glossy ballpark does not necessarily guarantee a winning  team. It  took them four hours  to lose.  (We were long gone home - I believe in the 7th inning  stretch and leave.  Ray's knee was done too)


  1. Twenty games? Nice! And even better the roof closes when it gets too humid.

    1. yep - that was a generous present and Ray likes baseball. I'm good with the 7th inning stretch and leave

  2. The first day of the season is always a glorious, optimistic time. Came last in the league last season? Of course well win this one!! Enjoy :-)

    1. yep - Rangers are plummeting quickly already