Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Wednesday Whoa - Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner

 Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner is a perfect beach read about friendship and forgiveness set during  a disastrous wedding on picturesque Cape Cod. (cover blurb). It's breezy, gossipy, trendy, and good brain candy. You don't have to think much. Just enjoy the characters and Weiner's ability to keep summer plots swirling with rumors, failing businesses, infidelity, and a fatal hot tub incident. 

Daphne Berg, a plus-size Instagram influencer, has moved on from college and ex-best friend Drue Cavanaugh. Thus she's shocked when Drue contacts her, begs to meet, and then asks her to be her maid of honor. It's tough to resist Drue, and Daphne is pulled into Cape Cod drama, amidst hooking up with a really cute guy. 

I won't say more. Social media. Society life. Money. Jennifer Weiner creates a frothy cocktail swirl that's easy to swallow. Relax pool or beachside and dive into Big Summer

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