Friday, November 18, 2022

Finally Friday - frivolous

Downhill slide for 2022. Howled through Halloween. Now trudging toward Thanksgiving. And cruising  to Christmas. 

Let's take a moment and breathe.   Random pics from friends, years, and stuff that caught my eye. 

Any beach, any time is calming.  This is a recent pic from a friend in  NC - Outer Banks

A past PA pic. I'm running through leaves as your read this
Thankful for so many folks that have been in my life and always in my heart
 Finally Friday - look for a lovely sunset. This is a desert view pic from a cousin. 

Feel calmer?   Float into your weekend and take time for yourself.  Enjoy


  1. Deserts provide the most amazing sunsets.
    I've been to the Outer Banks.

    1. The Outer Banks are on my travel list. So much to see. Alas, not enough money. Oh well. I travel vicariously through friends and family.
      Enjoy Thanksgiving week!