Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Whatever Wednesday - We Were Dreamers by Simu Liu

 We Were Dreamers by Simu Liu is a cheeky, energetic, humorous memoir  by a young man who has hit his stride. This book is just the beginning. It's his immigrant superhero origin story. 

cover blurb - The actor Simu Liu shares his own inspiring and unexpected origin story from China  to a place called Hollywood. An immigrant who battles everything from parental expectations to cultural stereotypes, Simu struggles  to forge a path for himself, rising  from the ashes of a failed accounting career (!) to become the world's first Asian superhero. 

This is a really good, well written memoir. Simu Liu has quite a story and it gave me more respect for the dreamers. His folks struggle to leave a family life in China and seek more as educated degreed engineers. Then they were ready (maybe) for their four year old son, Simu, to leave the comfort of grandparent care, and come join them in Canada. Was Simu ready? Did he always feel uprooted, restless? Lots of conflict ensued through the years. 

Liu is very fair in his life story. He recognizes his flaws and lays it out on the pages. His journey is quite a mix of his Chinese background and Western life. How did he get to become Shang-Chi, a Marvel hero?   Read this book and  find out. Now I look forward to seeing what else Simu Liu will do.

Keep dreaming


  1. Hi Joanne - this does sound like a very interesting story to read ... and to understand more about China and that transference to another country ... I must remember to order it next year when the paperback comes out ... thanks for the recommendation - cheers Hilary

    1. It really is quite a tale and perspective. His writing is snappy. You will enjoy it. Glad to review