Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Whatever Wednesday - Louis Vuitton Tour

Alvarado Texas - forty five minutes south of the DFW area. A two hundred acre property - Rochambeau Ranch. Cows.

Would you believe Louis Vuitton has a production facility there? Who knew?  Well, I read a special announcement of a rare tour. I signed up immediately, and was accepted for a time slot - Sunday October 16 at 3 pm. Ooh La La

Linda and I rolled up, showed  our IDs, and were granted access to this very modern, light, airy facility. Greeted with champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Quite fancy. There were twenty of us on the tour for an hour. 
Here's a photo of the current headquarters for Louis Vuitton. The house on the left belonged to the creator. 
Here's a trunk from the 1800s - the original LV designed product. It was beautiful 

 No pics allowed in the actual plant. But we were introduced to the various artisans who hand sew, paint, and trim the LV leather purses. It was a young vibrant group of employees who greeted us proudly, eager to show their master craftwork. I was  very impressed. 

Tres bien! 


  1. Hi Joanne - I can feel your eagerness here ... and the delight you obviously had as you made the tour - pity about the 'no photos' ... but understandable ... it must have been fascinating - cheers Hilary

    1. I can respect their mfg secrets. They gave us a lovely peek at the magic