Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Troubled Times Tuesday

 Election Day (seemingly again - Texas has lots of elections, runoffs, and then more. But this is the real November one)

I did early vote - got it over with early.   Yes, voting is a privilege. It was quite easy at our local library. I thanked the worker bees who were checking folks in, manning the machines, etc.  We had no kerfluffles or crazy.  Then again on a Tuesday morning in October, the key was to not trip over a senior on a walker. 

I came out feeling  sad about the choices. But, whatever...my life, fortunately shall continue just fine in a blur of pickleball, reading, movies, and walks. 

It's the bigger picture. 

Anyway - I included this Oscar Wilde quote, since I'm on the bandwagon of not banning books. Parents should be aware of what their kids choose to read and it should encourage discussions. I don't want any groups usurping my power to choose a book. At this juncture,  our local library has not been affected.

I think more reading and critical thinking should be encouraged and at least available. It would build knowledgeable citizens. 

Good Luck America!


  1. Your election system confuses me so much. Then again, ours is probably no better!

    1. We are all confused and nothing really changes. It's all about power and money, not really helping people.