Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C: Caterwaul, Cacaphony, and Castor Beans

C - Imagine this cat emitting a high pitched howling shriek outside your window at night- that's a caterwaul or wail.

Or during the day, you sit at your desk about to write a genius line, and mockingbirds out on the back fence are chastizing a squirrel. Natter, natter, natter - it's a cacophony of sound.

I'm guilty of writing scenes lacking noise. Life contains a background din, if you think about it. Clock ticks, dryer or washer churns, electronic devices hum. Car engines rev or a fire siren in
the distance. Characters aren't in a bubble, and need some distractions sometimes. Blast 'em at a crucial moment with a cry, a clank, or a clink.

And part of my alphabet of Death -from Deadly Doses by Serita Deborah Stevens w/Anne Klarner:
Swallowing six to eight castor beans (product of the castor oil plant from Africa) can induce a cough, convulsions, and coma. Extremely fatal after a week or quicker if chewed. Sounds like a noisy death to me, if you are contemplating a murder mystery.


  1. You make a great point. I think all of us suffer from leaving out one or two of the senses in our scenes more often than not. I try to do a sensory run-through during edits, but it's easy to rely too much on sight.

  2. I have my daughters here and we are all going goo-goo over the cat. Nice c words.

  3. Crashing Compliments on remembering to add sound. I'm going to have to go back through to make sure I include C-sounds. ;)
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