Monday, April 16, 2012

N: NASCAR & Nicotine

#atozchallenge N is for NASCAR. I work beyond the Texas Motor Speedway in Justin, Texas. This week the "circus" has been in town and it's fascinating to watch a mini-community build over the week. Traffic gets worse and worse, and finally Friday I take the day off. The big race was Saturday night, then people slowly begin to leave. It's pouring rain this Sunday. That should cut down on post-race tailgating. By the time I drive to work on Monday, worker bees comb the grounds to pick up trash. But there's always a straggler - a sad lone trailer hanging out for the week. Who knew I'd be inspired by NASCAR? But here's a poem I wrote last year after race week:

NASCAR left Fort Worth

smudge marks shade track walls
single Earnhart flag flaps for no one
vendor circus hauled wares
down the highway
another venue, another dollar
beer cans recycled
waves of workers combed grounds
plucked trash, bags compacted

lone trailer leans
forlorn fan abandoned post
cows graze nearby
wind howls
engine roar memories

echo in open field

A suitable poison for my NASCAR post is Nicotine. I'm not going to pontificate on the dangers. Let's just say it ain't good for the lungs. But it's big business and big business has the bucks to sponsor racing. God Bless America!


  1. Good words for letter "N" enjoyed the read and yes we all know what Nicotine can do to people's health.


  2. I guess the only thing that goes together with NASCAR as well as nicotine is beer, but that doesn't start with an N, huh? (Or am I stereotyping out the wazoo?) Just doing an A-Z fly-by, and I read a few of your posts. It's so totally cool that you got to pet a koala, but did you see a platypus while you were in Australia, too? Anyhow, nice to meetcha. Count me in as your newest follower, and good luck with the rest of the challenge.