Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J: Journalism & Jellyfish

J: Journalism

"Hi, I'm Mike Wallace"

Those words struck fear in anyone answering a door or phone. Mr. Wallace passed away this weekend at age 93. Up until about 89, he was working hard for 60 Minutes with piercing questions, astute responses, and a fearless nose for news.

Anyone considering journalism as a major or career should watch every episode of 60 Minutes. Study Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley, Harry Reasoner, Dan Rather - those were from the gut intrepid reporters who earned their stripes on battlefield and political field coverage.

As a kid, I contemplated journalism as a major. I was a reporter for the high school North Penn Knight Crier. Sadly, I did like money and became a business major with a minor in marketing. Tough choices in a tough economy.

Caution to a young reporter. If your mother says she loves you, check on it - Ed Eulenberg.

Get if first, get it right - William Randolph Hearst

You're only as good as your last story - Helen Thomas

Poisons seem appropriate for this post - not many J choices, but Jellyfish totally creep me out.
Aquatic creatures with dangling tentacles, often unnoticed until the rash of stings. Mildly irritating to deathly lethal. The initial sting reaction can cause more poisons to be released. Ouch and Yikes! The Portuguese Man-O-War is famous for fatality. Love Australia. Hate the jellyfish.


  1. I like creative writing more than reporting:)
    Dropping by from the A-Z!

  2. This was great writing and so enjoyable to read.


  3. Aww! I was saddened to hear about Mike Wallace's passing when I was watching CBS Sunday Morning. Although I prefer more creative writing, I highly respect those who can do journalism.

  4. Sad about Mike Wallace passing. He was truly a leader in the journalism world.

    And I'm creeped out by jellyfish too! *cringe*