Saturday, April 14, 2012

M: Mayhem, Morose, and Mercury

I was conflicted for the letter M. I contemplated Murder (well, writing about it, that is), or Money. Both excellent subjects for books. Then I browsed my assorted poems - pieces that have lagged in acceptance. So why not share them here? First up:

boo at the zoo, fright festival
celebration of the dark
fanciful depictions, death and evil
wrapped in orange and black
candy corn gift bags
until the storm year

lightning struck grounds
surge busting phenomenon
released cage doors
animals roared
families fled
rivulets of blood

(note - the rhino pictured is safely ensconced in the Dallas Zoo. The picture was taken on a lovely fall day)Next up -


shadows creep, engulf my brain in scattershot of shoulds
I slouch, encumbered by chance phrases, negative clues
refuse to connect, yet I'm captured, avalanche brews
while I grit my teeth, emit nothing, omit nothing
bleak landscape, bereft of pastels, mirror image
reflects jagged angles, shorn composure

immersed in shadows

(rather dark - maybe I should be ensconced in the Dallas Zoo)

Finally - Mercury, the silvery mobile liquid that beads up easily. Deadly as a vapor, it can also cause poisoning if ingested, even second hand like in fish. Chronic slow buildup is perfect for a clever murderer.

Fun fact -in the 1800s, the hatting industry used mercury in shaping felt hats. Mad Hatter indeed - insane from breathing mercury fumes.


  1. I do enjoy dark poetry, you've hit it on the mark today!!!!

  2. Again poetry I enjoyed.

    Have a peaceful Sunday.


  3. Dark... I like my chocolate that way too. ;)

  4. Lovely poetry. Nice pics, too. Thanks. I'm glad I stopped by.