Saturday, April 21, 2012

S: Spelling, Sydney, and Scorpions

 #atozchallenge   S is for Spelling. I grew up learning grammar, phonetics, and spelling, with weekly spelling tests, and spelling bees. In today's world, I'm appalled by bad spelling in emails, business letters, and in newspapers. I have to laugh. At my job, we do adhesion tests and the general verdict is separation or no separation. Hello - I'm constantly correcting my fellow workers (I'm sure to their annoyance) that it's sepAration, not sepEration. Arrgghhh!

I highly recommend the documentary Spellbound for fellow Word Nerds (as my husband calls our merry band of writers). It follows kids to the national title and is a nailbiter. Fascinating look into the world of spelling bees and the kids who prevail. You'll root for them as if it is the Olympics.

Sydney - one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. Ray and I took our dream vacation in February 2005 and fell in love with Australia and New Zealand. Sydney Harbor - gorgeous. The Bridge Climb - absolutely unbelievable way to view the environs. I could gush and bore you with hundreds of pictures. For anyone saying, "Oh I want to visit Australia someday,"  - Go Now. The people are friendly, the food's yummy, and every sight you see is spectacular.

Scorpions freak me out. Growing up in Pennsylvania I heard about scorpions, but moving to Texas meant I could encounter them. In general, they are not deadly, but inflict a wicked sting. Very few bites are fatal, but the venom can cause nerve tissue damage. Apparently they can lurk in corners, climb into shoes, and are not happy if stepped upon. Yikes.


  1. Loved the post except for the Scopians......don't like ordinary spiders. Yet my late husband's birth sign was Scorpio.

    Have a great week-end.

  2. My sign is 'Scorpio' too...I really loved spelling in school. I thrived in doing well and was so proud of myself when I could spell words others couldn't. The spelling bee wasn't around when I was growing up so it wasn't something I knew to participate in.

  3. I've seen Scorpions in our yard when we lived in New Mexico. They creepy but amazing at the same time.