Saturday, April 7, 2012

G: Good Advice, Guns N Roses, Green Mamba

#atozchallenge G: Good advice. Best advice my mother gave me was "everything in moderation" and that's how we were raised. Dessert at every meal, but portions were small. Avoid gluttony.

So here's some useful quotes from my Good Advice book

Generosity - When you have nothing, ask for nothing - Albanian proverb.

Gift Giving - Give all thou canst;high Heaven rejects the lore Of nicely calculated less or more - William Wordsworth

Goals - It's not enough to be busy ... the question is: What are we busy about? Henry David Thoreau (way too true in today's world)

Good Humor - We are all here for a spell;get all the good laughs you can - Will Rogers

Speaking of sheer raucous joy - Gun N Roses Greatest Hits is a perfect Saturday CD to blast on our patio. Whatever the chore, you'll be doing it quicker with Welcome to the Jungle. Sweet Child 'O Mine soars. Paradise City is hardcore rock. Slash on guitar - absolute gumption to galvanize your soul.

Our deadly dose today is courtesy of the cobra family - the Green Mamba can grow to nine feet and is "less" aggressive than the black mamba or some other cobras. No matter what, the venom can paralyze the nervous system and cause death within two hours. Try to avoid crossing its path.


  1. Hello, Joanne! I grew up hearing "less is more" and "everything in moderation" too! It's great advice. Thanks for sharing the quotes!

    Have a great weekend and happy A to Z!!

  2. I was decorating to Guns N Roses today - great tracks!

  3. hah, so important to have a great sense of humor, isn't it? I totally agree! good 'g' post!

  4. Love your good advice - especially about trying to figure out what your busy doing!

  5. Loved your G post. as you can gather I love music.

    Thanks for your visit and comment much appreciated,