Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Art Fest Prep

Insecurites abound. This Saturday is Arts Fest in Bedford. I've attended some community meetings as our little town tries to figure out how to attract people with culture. Artists of all types - paint, sculpture, tattoo, puppeteer, actors, singers - have attended these conclaves. So far, I seem to be the only author, and I hope that's an advantage for Saturday. My books are fairly inexpensive, so if folks look at a $500 painting and say no, then perhaps they'll see my $5 poetry collection and whip out some cash.
 I did invest in new business cards. Here's the front. If people choose to not buy paper, they can go home and order my books on Kindle. At least that's the idea.  My sister asked if I was offering facepainting - always a winner at a festival. I said, "No, but I'll have a sharpie handy. I can draw a mustache or give a beauty mark if need be."
Here's the back of my new card. I did restock my books and I'm prepared with cash to give change. Part of me is going through the motions as if I'll sell out - exude confidence. I am trying to convince myself that folks will flock to my table. But a huge part of my gut is prepared to sit forlorn, trying to catch people's eye. Could be pathetic, but I'll sit up straight. My one hope is a table near the food trucks. People will gather there and paw my books with taco juice dripping from their fingers. Then they'll have to buy one.

Wish me luck. I shall report results on Sunday. Until then - support your local arts community.


  1. I like your card and your strategy. It would work for me. So often I want to support the arts, but can't financially right now, at least not at that level. But $5 to support a writer? You bet!