Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Movie Madness Review: Rush

Rush is Formula One racing gold. Ron Howard directs a winner about an over-the-top sport, facing death, competition, rivalry, and how two men learn to respect each other. James Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth) is the UK's golden haired cool playboy in the sport. From the day he begins, he has the girls, the popularity, and the assumption that he'll win. Then Niki Lauda (an intense Daniel Bruhl), an Austrian, enters the game and a rivalry is born. Lauda is under the hood, analyzing times, and making enemies, but he wins. Hunt calls him the rat. Lauda considers Hunt an asshole, and is determined to beat him every time. But Lauda makes huge gains, and the driving is on edge all the time.

This film is based on real men and a true story. One race turn goes bad and Lauda and his car are in flames. Is this the end? No. We see Lauda battle back from his injuries - skin grafts, lung procedures. It's horrific, but Lauda is determined to race again. Hunt, meanwhile, is winning but it seems like hollow victories. Lauda made him a better racer and a better man. Lauda returns, but there's far more to the story. I won't reveal the final ending. Needless to say, Rush is about character. This is a really well-made movie. The race scenes are adrenaline filled, and so are the off road entanglements. It's a champagne spraying worthy winner.


  1. It sounds like there's a lot of action in that film!

  2. That sounds like a terrific movie... one my hubby and I both would enjoy. Thanks!

  3. Hubby definitely wants to see this one. Me? I might be persuaded. Chris Hemsworth is worth watching, isn't it? ;-)