Saturday, October 19, 2013

Movie Review Madness: Prisoners

I haven't posted my movie viewing in order, but that doesn't mean this is not worthy. Indeed, fall movie season has begun and it is worth heading to the theater once again. Prisoners offers a stellar cast and an intense experience. Everyone in the theater collectively held his or her breath until the end. Hugh Jackman and Maria Bello have two kids and live in a normal suburban home in PA. He works construction and times are a bit tough. They head over to the neighbors up the street (Terence Howard and Viola Davis and their two kids) for Thanksgiving. The day is good - food, family, and friends. Then the two young girls (approximately age seven or so) ask to go back to Hannah's room to look for a toy. The parents agree thinking the older kids will go with them. Oops. Miscommunication leads to missing girls.

Earlier, when the kids went for a walk, there had been a camper parked on the street. The girls wanted to climb the ladder on it, but the elder brother said no. It had a creepy vibe. A description of the girls and the vehicle are given to the police, and the camper is found at the edge of the woods. As police approach, the driver suddenly guns it and crashes into a tree. No sign of the girls, and the guy played by Paul Dano is confused. He's twenty something with the mind of a ten year old who lives with his aunt (Melissa Leo).

Lack of clues but suspicion about this lone suspect lead to frustration. Hugh is certain that the detective (Jake Gyllenhaal) is not doing his job, and he takes matters into his own hands. He holds Dano captive and tortures him for a confession. Terence Howard reluctantly goes along. Life stops for these families and they are prisoners in their worry and fear. Layers of new clues slowly emerge, and the clock ticks. Who's right? Who's wrong? Where are the girls? I will not give away anymore. Plenty of twists and turns keep us guessing. Each performance is great, and you'll be on the edge of your seat. This is a solid R for violence. Hugh Jackman is coiled as only a desperate father can be. Prisoners holds you captive.


  1. Sounds like a very suspenseful movie!

  2. Thanks fort he review, it's the first I've read and personally I'm on the fence about seeing this one. Subject matter that seems too horrible for entertainment tome.