Thursday, October 10, 2013


Bear with me friends. No pics. No reviews. Just a story.

Ray rarely travels for work, but he's in Asia. I dropped him off last Saturday and he headed to Taiwan. Now he's in Hong Kong and shall be back on Monday. Meanwhile, the pool filter decided to spew water, gallons of water. This occurred on Sunday. I turned off the pump and clicked the breakers in the fuse box. Pool is without power and no new rivers are flowing in Bedford.

Texting internationally did not go well. Feeble suggestions from his end. My response, "You're not here. No Monday morning quarterbacking." I consulted my brother-in-law and said to call a pool service. The pool folks were not cooperative. So the pool is awaiting Ray's return.

The point of this boirng story is - why do big things break the minute Ray leaves? It never fails.  And why is the breaker for the pool tied to our office room?  That is a weird electrical routing. Thus I have no computer at home, thus no blog with awesome pics.  This is being churned out at work, and I need to end it now.

Breakdown = it never fails.  I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday.


  1. I know the feeling. In my case, it's my kids getting sick the moment Hubby goes away! It's annoying you don't have a computer at home though - have you thought about extension leads from the part of the house that does have electricity?

  2. OY! Murphy's law... it'll get ya every time.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Darn. As I don't have a "Ray" there's no set time for things to go wrong in my house. It's a shame the office electricity isn't working otherwise you might be able to Skype with Ray.

  4. That darn Murphy - he'll get you every time. :-/