Thursday, October 17, 2013

Movie Review Madness: Gravity

Gravity is ninety minutes of great filmmaking. Alfonso Cuaron has created a believable out of this world space adventure. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney bring humanity and grit into space and you'll hold your breath as you tumble along with them to dodge space debris. I recommend paying for the 3D movie. I am someone with motion issues, but did not have a problem and the 3D dimension truly added to the movie experience.

We first meet Bullock and Clooney as they work. He chats and oozes confidence, hoping to break a time in space record before he retires. Bullock is a research doctor who's testing her studies in space. She's reserved and quiet with a mournful air. He's determined to get her to loosen up and talk more, and then discovers the reason for her seriousness.

The mission is going great, and as a member of the audience we are feeling buoyant. Then, Houston announces an impending disaster. Russian equipment exploded causing a chain reaction of hurtling space debris, and it's headed directly toward our heroes. Indeed, it all happens so fast, we barely have time to duck and we fear for their lives as she becomes untethered and spins out of reach of safety. Fortunately, he still has some jet pack fuel. With his experience, they are back together to head to the space station.

But communications are lost. More debris hits and it keeps being one disaster after another. She has to remember her simulator training for this mission. She's a medical researcher not an astronaut by trade, and Bullock portrays intelligence, fear, anxiety, and doubt in her acting. She's great for this role. I won't give away the rest of the movie. Needless to say, the title means a lot - the gravity of the whole situation.

Gravity is worthy of the buzz. It's fast paced with hold your breath moments. For anyone with astronaut dreams, strap in for the ride.


  1. Good review. I wasn't sure if this one is for me, but based on your comments I may go and see it.

  2. Great review. I was in the same place as Cozy there, but now I think I'll take it on.

  3. I like Sandra Bullock, not much of a Clooney fan. But now I might reconsider watching this, like Cozy and farawayeyes. Great review!