Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Book Review: The Engagements

The Engagements is a "sprawling novel about marriage - about those who marry in a white heat of passion, those who marry for partnership and comfort, and those who live together, love each other, and have absolutely no intention of ruining it all with a wedding." (cover blurb). J.Courtney Sullivan's book spans over one hundred years and traces the story of diamonds in America. One of her strongest characters is the single woman who coined the phrase for De Beers - Diamonds are Forever. It was advertising gold.

Evelyn was engaged to a young man who passed away suddenly. Thinking she would never love again, she ended up marrying his best friend and now forty years later she frets over her son's divorce. Delphine's seen passion and now fury. James, a paramedic, struggles to make ends meet and worries about his family. Kate and Dan, together but unmarried, are content with their arrangement. However, she's embroiled in her cousin's wedding preparations and has somehow lost one of the diamond rings.

All of these characters are well drawn, and the reader cares about everyone's tale. Life is about for better or worse, love found and love lost, and hopes and dreams for the future. The Engagements is a fun read, and you'll laugh or commiserate with the characters' situations. Sullivan's story sparkles like the glittering diamonds featured.


  1. The Engagements certainly does seem like an entertaining read! BTW, I got your Poetry Puddle : Hazy Memory book. I'm looking forward to reading it!

  2. Thanks Sherry - I do hope you enjoy some poetry. And I heard J.Courtney Sullivan speak after her first book Commencement - delightful young lady and she is growing as she writes. She was a graduate of Smith and had some publishing connections, but is not just cruising on that. She has the writing chops

  3. Great review! This sounds like something I might like. Thanks.

    Take care, and happy weekend!